Hi, I'm Peter. Thanks for being here and thanks for taking the time to be a better athlete, person and to make it happen with your mental and physical fitness.

As the owner of ManageHealth and ManageSport, my commitment and passion for supporting people, young and not so young to achieve a better physical and mental quality of life is driven from deep personal experience.

As 15 years running a Sports Academy I witnessed the development of athletes on the field but not much was happening off the field. In 2013, I lost an employee to suicide, then a mate in 2016 took his own life. In 2019, I found out my own Grandfather also suicided in 1966. (Unfortunately, no-one spoke of suicide back then).

This lived experience has driven me to educate myself about mental health and the link between physical wellbeing and our mind. I also wanted to be able to reach out to friends, family and colleagues with confidence and competence offering help if they experience mental health and wellbeing issues.

ManageHealth/ Sport has now set up our online education platform and offers a number of fully online education courses to help young athletes, Fitness Professionals, individuals, businesses and organisations become more self aware and build their confidence and competence with Mental Fitness and to become better at their sport, exercise and life overall.

Thanks again for being here and all the very best!

- Peter Annis-Brown